Thursday, 18 December 2008


Her guests long gone, the Duchess wanders thru a palace illuminated by a thousand candles...

She is pleased with her work this night- she has secured the devotion and loyalty of men of substance in the Duchy.

She sends yet another letter to Ludwig du Vile the new King of Stagonia. In it she speaks of them as soul mates and kindred in deeds and political ambitions. She asks for his favour and deepest friendship in the days and months to come...


Bluebear Jeff said...

We in Saxe-Bearstein must warn the Duchess that "Maurice" was the old now-dead king. He "committed suicide" (was apparently tortured to death).

The new king is Ludwig du Vile, who was reputedly trained in the 'black arts' by his mother (maiden name, de Sade).

By all accounts he is borderline insane at best . . . and not to be trusted.

-- Jeff of Saxe-Bearstein

tradgardmastare said...

thanks for the note- it was indeed a typo which I have remideied. She has indeed been writing to Ludwig...

Herzog Ignaz said...

The female of the species is indeed more deadly than the male.

abdul666 said...

A rich and strong-willed personality, harbinger of 'interesting times'.
Yet shrewd and remorseless plotters can turn to remarkable rulers, for the greater benefit of their country.
The Palace is closely watching her.


abdul666 said...

"Maurice was apparently tortured to death"
Intringuing for inquisitive minds: was the torture bland and trivial, or did the torturer(s) demonstrated imagination and creativity?

Also, can the details of the torture be related to a peculiar vileness in the rich life of Maurice? Recently a French Commissaire des Guerres cheated on the quality of the lead - so much that the bullets, light and brittle, had neither range nor penetration. This caused the defeat, slaughter and dishonour of a good and proud regiment.
A mysterious woman had him killed by the -forced by extremly slow- ingestion of molten lead.


Stagonian Jeff said...

Koenig Ludwig smiled and mused to himself . . . "soul mates and kindred in deeds", eh?

"Well, my dear, it may chance that we will meet and compare notes. If you indeed have the stomach for our passion, we may make a beautiful team . . . and, if not, I wonder how well you scream?"

Turning to an aide cowering in a corner, "Find out all that you can about this dear Duchess . . . including what lands and military forces she controls . . . perhaps this may be a match made in a very warm place."